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The unique documentary history of the constitutional crisis surrounding the implementation of gay marriage in Massachusetts, 2001-2007.

In 2003, Massachusetts became the first state to formally recognize same-sex marriage. In a 4-3 ruling, the state’s Supreme Judicial Court declared that the Massachusetts Constitution (written by John Adams) protected same-sex marriage as an inviolable right. This absurdity went unchallenged by the political elite who cared nothing for the constitution’s clear separation of powers. While the state’s marriage law was never changed, the executive branch (under Gov. Mitt Romney) illegally implemented same-sex marriage – blindly accepting the court as the ultimate authority, despite widespread calls to reject its ruling.

   CORRUPT BARGAINS is a unique history of how same-sex marriage began in Massachusetts. It is the only documentary account of the corrupt maneuvering of politicians and pro-LGBT special interest groups during this constitutional crisis (2001-2007).

  Massachusetts developed the template for the deceptive political strategies that would dupe the conservative establishment and citizenry across the country. The tactics behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell ruling on same-sex marriage (2015) were crafted in Massachusetts.

   The successful LGBT strategy was to ignore questions of morality and public health, invent “rights,” demand “fairness” and “equality,” and flood the zone with emotional propaganda. The achievement of same-sex marriage cleared the way for the next big goal of the sexual radicals: transgender rights.

    CORRUPT BARGAINS is a case study of how corrupt government officials circumvent constitutional governance. The book provides a front-row view of these precedent-setting events. It has rescued rare sources from the memory hole, with up-to-date links in the 900 endnotes.

The unique documentary history of the constitutional crisis surrounding the implementation of gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Here are some of the characters you will meet in CORRUPT BARGAINS.

Rogues Gallery - Destroyers of the constitution & traditional values

Biased judges ruled for gay marriage in Goodridge, Nov. 2003

Justices of Mass. Supreme Judicial Court who ruled for same-sex marriage in 2003: Margaret Marshall, Judith Cowin, John Greaney, Roderick Ireland

Gov. Mitt Romney's phony "rally for democracy," Nov. 2006

Mass. Governor Mitt Romney illegally implemented gay marriage in 2004

Scheming for gay marriage: Marc Solomon, MassEquality. Arlene Isaacson, Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus. Norma Shapiro, ACLU. Lee Swislow & Gary Buseck, GLAD.

GLBT lobbyists Marc Solomon, Arlene Isaacson, Norma Shapiro, Lee Swislow, Gary Buseck

Dan Winslow: Gov. Romney's Chief Legal Counsel, gay marriage implementation

Dan Winslow: Romney's Chief Legal Counsel

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders found biased judges who agreed with their radical views.
Leftist and LGBT media led the charge for gay marriage.

Boston's GLBT news 

Boston Globe: biased coverage missed the facts in this book.
Corruption in Mass.: Senate President Travaglini, House Speaker Finneran

Senate President Travaglini
House Speaker Finneran

Tom Birmingham - Senate Pres. illegally killed viable marriage amendment in 2002 

Tom Birmingham - Senate Pres. who illegally killed 2002 marriage amendment

Good Guys - Protectors of the constitution & the family

Ed Pawlick - Mass. News & Mass. Citizens for Marriage

Ed Pawlick - Mass. News & Mass. Citizens for Marriage

Brian Camenker, Article 8 Alliance & MassResistance

Brian Camenker - Article 8 Alliance & MassResistance

Sandy Rios, Concerned Women for America.

Sandy Rios
Concerned Women
for America

Sally Pawlick, a key player in the gay marriage battle.

            Sally Pawlick

Jim  Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition

 Jim Lafferty
  Traditional Values Coalition

Professor Hadley Arkes understood the constitution.

 Prof. Hadley Arkes

C. J. Doyle, erudite director of Catholic Action League of Mass.       

C. J. Doyle - Catholic Action League of Mass.       

 Rabbi Yehuda Levin  Union of Orthodox Rabbis came to Mass. to support real marriage.

 Rabbi Yehuda Levin 
Union of Orthodox Rabbis

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel, defended the constitution and real marriage.

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel

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