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Banner in May 2004 advised Gov. Romney to follow constitution & ignore baseless ruling.

Amy Contrada's splendid, impressive book – Corrupt Bargains: How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts – is a painstakingly researched, comprehensively detailed, copiously documented, meticulously accurate, lucidly written and compellingly told tale of how, through lies, corruption and, contempt for constitutional norms and democratic governance, the deformity of marriage was brought to Massachusetts, and ultimately to the rest of America.

     As Amy's careful scholarship makes clear, this moral catastrophe which debased our civilization could not have been perpetrated without the deceptions, duplicity, and hypocrisy of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, one of the great posers of modern American politics.

     In examining Romney's Janus-faced role in same-sex marriage, homosexual adoption, and emergency contraception, Amy Contrada unlocks the secret to Romney's sordid career: that Romney, for political gain, has always been willing to collaborate with, or at least acquiesce in, America's cultural revolution while pretending to oppose it.

     Romney, of course, was not alone. As Amy recounts, a four-judge majority on the Commonwealth’s Supreme Judicial Court dismissed, with Olympian arrogance, thousands of years of spiritual, moral, and legal consensus on marriage as mere prejudice.

     Meanwhile, legislators – in a clear dereliction of duty – disregarded their oath-bound constitutional responsibilities, to serve the powerful special interest – the homosexual lobby – which helped finance the election campaigns that sustained their tawdry careers.

     Amy Contrada has made a valuable contribution to the historical record. Corrupt Bargains  will remain, for decades to come, the definitive authoritative work on this tragedy for Western Christian Civilization.

     As the official narrative peddled by establishment journalists and academics will tell a false story, it is vitally important that everyone in America who believes in moral sanity and constitutional government becomes familiar with Amy Contrada’s great triumph of truth telling, Corrupt Bargains.

      – C. J. Doyle, Executive Director, Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, Sept. 2023

We have to tell our own story from our point of view to have any kind of hope of recovering any kind of sexual sanity. We’ve just got to tell the truth about what actually happened. … As you can see, [I have] a well-worn copy… I’ve been all through it and I have labels and markers… because it’s very fascinating.  … Amy has compiled all of this … a lot is her analysis and her narrative, but in addition to that she’s got all sorts of documents that you can read for yourself. Another thing I really liked about the book is the photos. Some are vintage photos! … To have an accurate historical record of what’s happened, it’s so important that people on each side report what they remember happened, and then document it as best you can. … If we’re ever going to restore ourselves in a meaningful way, we have to tell the truth, warts and all, about what happened: what we did right, what we did wrong, what we wish we’d done differently. … I really appreciate the work that you’ve done.

      – Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, President, The Ruth Institute, interview with author on the Dr. J Show,  Jan. 2024.

Amy Contrada, who was in the thick of the action during the culture war in Massachusetts from 2001 to 2006, explains in Corrupt Bargains  how Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney faked out the pro-family movement while greasing the skids for legalizing same-sex marriage in his state and eventually the nation.
     The only institution that could legally alter the definition of marriage under the state Constitution was the legislature, as noted by the state Supreme Court. Romney ignored this fact. After the legislature did not alter the law, he nonetheless threatened clerks with dismissal if they didn’t issue the licenses, thus opening the floodgates.
     This story is worth telling so people won’t get fooled again. Anyone who still labors under the impression that Romney and others who surrender vital moral ground are pro-family conservatives needs to read this book.

      – Robert Knight, author and Washington Times columnist, July 2023

There’s a book out by Amy Contrada. She was involved in this [same-sex marriage] fight in Massachusetts.… She’s had to self-publish her book because her book has been cancelled and she’s been barred from most platforms….
     It’s a very interesting book because it essentially lays out the history that nobody has access to: the history of somebody who was there, but the history also of somebody who’s very carefully studied what took place, had access to media articles that have long since been memory-holed from the Internet.…

    This book is really fascinating to me as a … work of history… I feel like this book is very much a “for the record” book. if you want to know how we got from there to here, where this all … began politically speaking, Corrupt Bargains is a great place to start….

     To social conservatives who are interested in the history of the last 20 years, I really do recommend Corrupt Bargains.

     – Jonathan Van Maren, LifeSite Newsinterview & article, June 21, 2023

How did authentic marriage between one man and one woman get “cancelled” in America? It started with the deception and cowardice of one man in a position to defend it: Mitt Romney.
      In Corrupt Bargains, Amy Contrada meticulously details how Romney, as governor of Massachusetts, played a devil’s game behind the scenes to allow same sex “marriage” to become faux “law.” Contrada shows how Romney has consistently been a supporter of “gay” rights. All Americans, and especially Republicans, need to understand Romney’s track record so well-documented by Contrada. Should we be concerned that his niece is GOP chairman? It’s important to examine Romney’s cozy deals with the Log Cabin Republicans, constitutional malfeasance and betrayal of America, and not repeat our mistakes.
     A must-read for every concerned citizen!

    – Linda Harvey,  President, Mission Americaradio host, WRFD Columbus, July 2023

This new book is a wonderful, factual expose' of the horrible Mitt Romney and his lies. It expands on Amy's previous book, Mitt Romney's DeceptionI recommend it highly.

     Romney and his lies are still around and wreaking havoc of all kinds. And so are the RINOs who are following the same path, not just in Massachusetts but throughout the nation.

     – David, Massachusetts citizen activist, 2023

An INCREDIBLE work an unmatched masterpiece!

     As MLK said, "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."  Thank you for not being silent.  We have an expression in our family when we encounter something truly incredible like your book.  Your book is "Hair-Raisingly Amazing", Amy.

     – Greg, Massachusetts citizen activist, former HS history teacher, 2023

Praise for the precursor volume,
Mitt Romney's Deception (2011)

Amy has captured Mitt Romney's unprincipled governing. As a consultant to Ed Pawlick's Mass. Citizens for Marriage, I can tell you that unlike many Romney experts -- Amy Contrada was there and she has captured the sinister manipulation of constitutional government by the homosexual extremists and their friend, Mitt Romney.
    Mitt didn't choose a flavor of ice cream without talking to GOP Big Tent enthusiast Mike Murphy and running a couple of focus groups. He called Mass. Citizens for Marriage bigots and was embarrassed when we released our petitions signed by his wife and other members of his family.
     Amy gets the facts straight but she also captures the dark mood in Massachusetts politics with people like Tom Birmingham spooking around. This is an important book because it counters the argument that acceptance of homosexual "marriage" is evolving and growing. Corrupt judges and smarmy politicians are the only creatures growing and th
ey are uniting regularly to thwart the public's will.
    Thanks to Amy and her family who have sacrificed so much to speak the truth. And thanks to all the people who fought Romney and his munchkins like the late Ed and Sally Pawlick, Brian Camenker, John Spano, and the good people at the Mass. Catholic Conference and MFI.

    – James Lafferty, consultant, Mass. Citizens for Marriage; Traditional Values Coalition  

In an age in which moral courage is mocked or berated as “bigotry,” Brian Camenker, Amy Contrada, and MassResistance have been indispensable. Their documentation of the damage that same-sex marriage has caused in Massachusetts has helped secure pro-family victories elsewhere. Timely and well-written reports from MassResistance have awakened many to the threat posed by the homosexual activist agenda to the freedoms of speech, religion, and association. Many organizations use their materials without citing them. They are unsung heroes.

   – Robert Knight, author, columnist at Washington Times, co-draftsman of the federal Defense of Marriage Act; former director, Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute   

It is gratifying finally to read a book that penetrates the cloud of propaganda that the media, the establishment Republicans, and yes, even some so-called “conservative” leaders have woven around Mitt Romney and his past. Amy Contrada’s Mitt Romney’s Deception [2011] documents in great detail how Romney was perhaps America’s most pro-homosexual governor. For a man to pull off what he did – including dramatically advancing the cause of homosexual marriage and still campaign for president as a “pro-family” conservative – demonstrates the length to which individuals have gone to cover for this man. It’s high time all Americans find out who the real Mitt Romney is. Candidates should be judged by their past actions, not by their rhetoric.

   – Steve Baldwin, former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy; former California State Assemblyman; and co-author, From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools.

It is well known among leaders that 20% of the people do 80% of the work in any important endeavor, but in that 20% there is an even more dedicated and hard-working few. Amy Contrada is one of those rare gems in the pro-family movement, and this amazing book is proof of it. Too bad for RINO Romney, this lady bulldog has got his leg!

   – Dr. Scott Lively, Esq.,; author, Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda; and co-author, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party  (2011 and later); WND columnist.

"Corrupt Bargains" author Amy Contrada in 2004.

Amy Contrada speaking with reporter at a demonstration in 2004.

In writing the meticulously documented Mitt Romney's Deception [2011], Amy Contrada has done the job that the liberal media was supposed to do in holding the light of truth to Romney’s claim to be a pro-marriage, pro-family “conservative.” What she has uncovered is stunning even to experienced critics of Romney’s equivocation on homosexual issues. Contrada lays bare Romney’s servile embrace of the radical Massachusetts “gay” agenda in his statewide campaigns for office. (He criticized Ted Kennedy from the left.) Then she exposes his subsequent doublespeak in posing as the stalwart defender of traditional marriage in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. In the process, Contrada also reveals how prominent, pro-Romney social conservatives cut corners to preserve Mitt’s marriage myth. This is a must-read for anyone wanting to go beyond the (conservative) media hype surrounding the former Massachusetts governor to understand the real Romney.

    – Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality; WND columnist; former Executive Director, Illinois Family Institute 

Amy Contrada has done a service to the country by writing Mitt Romney's Deception.  The book addresses the issue of marriage and homosexuality which isn't covered adequately by the media. Even Fox News is compromised and confused and does a terrible job on the topic. If you want to know more about the nature of these issues, buy and read this book.

    In the pages of Amy's book you will learn what you need to know in advance of casting your vote in the Republican primary. Amy's book is Mitt Romney's worst nightmare. While his “flip-flops” are well known, his record as Massachusetts governor as outlined in her book is not well known. Mitt Romney would like nothing better than to win the votes of marriage-defending social conservatives. If they buy and read this book, however, they'll be voting for another candidate.

     I can only hope that her work inspires a whole new genre – record-based “tell-alls” that will help us weed out the Republicans-in-name-only. Our culture and our country cannot afford leadership that is blatantly dishonest.

    – John Biver, political analyst, blogger at 

Mitt Romney’s Deception  could not be more timely or more thorough in presenting the case against a Romney presidency. Amy Contrada has given a gift to America by exposing the faux “conservatism” of former Governor Romney.

    – Linda Harvey,, author of Not My Child; Contemporary Paganism & the New Spirituality; and Maybe He's Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality.

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