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Same-sex marriage begins on Boston City Hall Plaza, May 17, 2004

Same-sex marriage begins on Boston City Hall Plaza, May 17, 2004
with gay activists blocking the banner held by faithful Catholics. 


Notes on the 2023 Edition
Preface to 2011 edition of
Mitt Romney’s Deception


Chapter 1 — Mitt Romney and Gay Rights
Falling for “Gayspeak”: faulty assumptions
Influences on Romney re: gay rights
    Religious, moral,
and legal context
    Corporate environment

Chapter 2 — Romney's Statements on Gay Rights and Gay Marriage
Romney consistently favored gay rights
1994 campaign for U.S. Senate
2002 campaign and term as Mass. governor

2006-2008 including campaign for Republican presidential nomination
Shaky start to campaign

Positions on misc. gay rights issues, 1994-2008

Chapter 3 — Romney’s Pro-Gay-Rights Record as Governor
Actions and inaction on GLBT rights
Romney's GLBT activist appointees
Romney committed his admin. to “diversity”
Hate Crimes Task Force
Pro-GLBT Dept. of Public Health
Pro-GLBT Dept. of Social Services
Gov. Romney, Catholic Charities, and adoption by homosexuals: The full story
Discretionary marriage licenses for same-sex couples
Support for GLBT programs in Mass. schools

Chapter 4 — How Gay Marriage Began in Massachusetts:
Governor Romney Bowed to Judicial Tyrants
Mass. Supreme Judicial Court declares same-sex marriage a constitutional right  
Romney’s action and inaction on ruling
What actually happened
The Goodridge ruling
In the months fol
lowing Goodridge ruling
Romney’s actions implementing same-sex marriage
Romney blamed court & legislature
Romney’s advisors on marriage ruling, 2003-2004

May 17, 2004: A Day that lives in infamy
It did not have to end this way
Romney tries to cover his tracks
Ch. 4 Sources
    Primary documents
    Commentary and analysis

Chapter 5 — Marriage Amendments: Doomed to Fail
Romney’s flawed strategy: Amend the Constitution
History of Marriage Amendments in Massachusetts
    “Protection of Marriage” (Pawlick) amendment
    Shutting down Pawlick amendment was crucial
    Romney supported two flawed am
    MA&PA amendment and start of compromise
    Travaglini-Lees compromise, 2004-2005
    VoteOnMarriage, 2005-2007

    VoteOnMarriage campaign
“Conservative Inc.” courted defeat
Romney was complicit in this failure

Chapter 6 — The Effort to Remove the Rogue Supreme Court Justices
The Judiciary was the problem, not the Constitution
Constitutional basis for removing judges
Legal scholars suggest removal of judges
2004 Bill
of Address buried by legislature
Chief Justice Margaret Marshall: Ethical violations
2005-2006: Article 8 Alliance refiles
Bill of Address & files marriage bills
No support from Gov. Romney

Chapter 7 — Timeline: Gov. Mitt Romney's Role Creating Same-Sex Marriage
Committed to gay rights before ruling (1994-2003)
After same-sex marriage ruling (Nov. 2003-May 2004)
After same-sex marriage began (5/17/04 & later)
After his term as governor ends

Chapter 8 — My Letter from Mitt
Romney's April 2004 letter reveals weak, unprincipled leadership during constitutional crisis
Background and constitutional context
Clauses of the Mass. Constitution Gov. Romney failed to uphold
Gov. Romney's April 2004 letter
Romney ignores our voices and the constitution
Irreparable damage done

Appendix — Contemporaneous Reports & Commentary on Constitutional Crisis
and Gov. Romney's Role Creating Same-Sex Marriage



February 2004: Pro-family citizens rally in West Springfield, Mass.

February 2004: Pro-family citizens
rally in West Springfield, Mass.

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